Reasons to Support Us

Reasons to Support Us

The following points are considered to be ‘planning issues’…

Retail / Employment:

  • Up to 40 new retail jobs will be created for local residents at a difficult time for the national economy;
  • A lack of discount food retailers within Rainham means that the proposal would improve choice and promote competition with up to 30% cost savings;
  • The proposed mixed use development would re-vitalise a brownfield site;
  • The new Lidl store is will attract more investment into Rainham.


  • Contemporary foodstore building with a mixture of materials that are in-keeping with the local area;
  • The proposed design responds to the site’s context and surrounding built environment.


  • Sustainable construction techniques will be employed as well as the use of sustainable materials;
  • Lidl operate a highly energy efficient business with a strong commitment to recycling and the use of energy efficient equipment and techniques within the store to reduce carbon emissions;
  • Customer cycle bays are positioned close to the store entrance to provide sustainable trips. In addition a bus stop is located close to the site.