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Lidl have distributed leaflets to the local residents containing information relating to the new proposed retail unit. The planning application will be submitted shortly following completion of the survey.

The leaflet contains instructions how to access a short survey that will be submitted to the Havering Council to be considered alongside the planning application. All feedback received will be considered and to help finalise our plans and report that will be submitted to Havering Council. Public support is an important part of every planning application, therefore please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to complete the survey.

Visit: our petition site and sign our online petition

Due to the current social distancing measures in place across the Country, Lidl will not be holding a face-to-face consultation event to ask questions directly to Lidl’s project team.

However, if you have any specific questions or would like to discuss the proposal with a Lidl representative then please get in contact by sending an email to or write to us at:

1st Floor Office
807-829 Longbridge Road